Revolutionizing the Utility Within NFTs

As NFTs begin to grow, adapt, and mature, NFTY Labs will be a leading project that spearheads the era of utility coming in this new ecosystem.

Who We Are

NFTY Labs was created with the goal of building community-based tools to foster the newly found growth within the NFT ecosystem. While creating new found standards and tech for NFTs, NFTY Labs was also founded with the idea of enabling cross-chain NFT standards and practices.

What We Do

As NFTs continue to change the landscape within the oncoming digital economy, NFTY Labs will help spearhead the tech created for these new NFT ecosystems to ensure they flourish. Our products include:

NFTY Connect

Verify ownership of assets to enter into token gates and promotions & receive benefits ranging from physical goods to VIP group exclusive access.

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